Christoph Spranger


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advertising | lifestyle | people | commercial

As a lifestyle photographer, I am fascinated by what is alive. I give fleeting beauty permanence. A successful image is always the result of the opportunity of the moment. But luck is had only by those who know where to find it. Every production is a journey. One must choose between countless forks in the road. I show you where to go. The goal is always the same: a picture that has energy and refreshes the eyes.

Life and work go hand in hand and cannot be separated. My images are influenced by my passion for fashion, music, travel, food, skateboarding and freeriding and for brands and social media, as well as my birth in London in 1990 as a child of German parents, my education as a Photographer, or the current centre of my life, Berlin, where I have been active as a lifestyle, people and advertising photographer since 2014.