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What counts for Georg Roske is NOW.
With his camera he captures a moment
and a feeling, which instantly becomes
perceptible for the beholder of his pictures.
Georg Roske’s work is about authenticity,
which is always radiated by himself
and his pictures. For him the camera is
a means of communication, through
which he captures people in all their
realness and intensity. His pictures also
always resemble a piece of his life revealing
to the observer his view of the
world. Georg Roske takes his pictures
intuitionally and spontaneously but
still the “perfect moment” must be well
calculated and needs his time. The application
of the correct photographic
technique is one thing but what makes
Georg Roske’s pictures so unique, is his
sensitivity for people and moods.
When Georg Roske began taking pictures
is 2003 the medium of photography
was in a process of transition from
analogue to digital. Today he uses both
techniques, taking pictures inside the
studio and outside. Over the years he
has had more and more coverage of his
Lifestyle-, People- and Fashion Shoots.
In the last two years he focused more
and more on advertising and transportation
His photos appear in numerous magazines
such as Harper`s Baazar, Stern,
Art – Das Kunstmagazin, but also in
international Publications like Brutus
Trip (Japan), Factice Magazine (France)
or FFW Mag! (Brazil). Recent clients are
Volkswagen, Allianz, Sparkasse, Thomas
Cook and Deutsche Telekom.
Georg Roske studied Visual Communication
at the University of Arts Berlin.
He was born in Leipzig in 1983 and
grew up in the Oderbruch. Currently he
is working and living with his wife and
two lovely children in Berlin.