Holger Altgeld



people | portrait | reportage | advertising | commercial | travel

Holger is crazy, but just a little bit, and only sometimes.

Holger is result oriented.

Holger thinks outside the box.

Holger has new ideas all the time.

Holger is not too big for his boots, he just pretends.

Holger is sometimes a joker.

Holger seldom talks about himself in the third person.

Specialized in main photographic fields: people, portrait, advertising and photo journalism.

Born, 1980, in cologne at the river rhine. Still living near the big city, at Hürth. Travelling the world to see new things and especially to meet the people of their countrys. This really fits in well with my private desire for travelling photography and landscapes. I always return to Ibiza, maybe that´s what they call “secret love”. However, the mountains are wonderful too and i can´t resist good food, especially when it´s BBQ time.

I like to call myself a result oriented artist, who loves to enjoy his creative mind and take the ideas, of the client, seriously. My addiction to perfectionism helps me in the staging of my pictures. Thank goodness, that I possess the ability to show the character of people. Photography is always about the feeling.

I love what I do and I do it full of power, energy and commitment.