MAIWOLF Photography


advertising | people | portrait | industrial | commercial | lifestyle

We don't like to be put in a single drawer, we are happy to be commissioned for a wide variety of topics. Besides classic advertising productions, we also shoot campaigns on film sets, love lifestyle as well as portraits. Corporate and industrial photography, people at their workplaces and corporate protraiture is also a major competence. Our experience in fashion photography helps to stay modern and light-footed.

Eva is a photographer ever since – Uli had a first career as an art director in an advertising agency.

In 2007 we teamed up and formed the duo called MAIWOLF*.
In the very same year, we were able to score a booking for a major german brand, a crazy huge production. Everything went really well, and that first major client is still on our list for now well over ten years!
We believe in being creative, reliable, in planning our jobs thoroughly and understanding the client. And we believe in karma: being honest, straight forward and genuinely being nice to have around.

Mid 2017 Eva took a step back, so Uli is in charge of a large share of MAIWOLF's daily business and shootings.

* Because we get asked all the time: The "Mai "in Maiwolf stems from Eva's maiden name.