Marco Justus Schöler



advertising | portrait | celebrities | sports

Marco Justus Schöler was born in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. After discovering his love for photography, he decided to move his life and work to Berlin in 2011. There, he rapidly built up a viral network. Marco is an autodidact - he learned everything about his craft by “doing it.” He takes the bold approach, tackling tasks without fears or reservations.

His thirst for knowledge, curiosity and empathy regularly provide him with jobs that are characterized by their unique style - just like Marco's photography that always carries his own signature. It’s this style that has made him a regular collaborator with Danish camera manufacturer, PhaseOne, and Swiss flash manufacturer, Broncolor – partnerships that guarantee a professional environment and end result.

As a photographer, Marco Justus is a determined perfectionist, but he always honors the character of the person standing in front of his lens. It does not matter whether its portraits, contracts for advertising or the sports industry – essential to all is a direct and honest flow of communication between him, his models and his customers.

Marco Justus Schöler is full of energy, ideas and ideals – a combination that’s sure to take him to the top. If you want to book Marco Justus please reach out to Tobias Bosch Fotomanagement.

Also since 1997, Marco Justus Schöler has loved spaghetti carbonara