'Hocke' (German for squat) - a revived 90s hip-hop pose, trending on instagram and in fashion editorials - is the title of a series by BAM, aka Ben and Martin.
The two photographers portrayed chilled car lovers, posing with a vintage Golf Mk1 and a Toyota Tazz on the beaches of Muizenberg, outside of Capetown.

South African manufacturing plants were the last ones to build the entry level cars up until the late 2000s and both models are still hugely popular today, greatly defining the streetscapes of the cities. All bare bones and boxy, these affordable cars are like blank canvases that can be driven as they are or pimped out and completely converted under the hood to challenge modern supercars for a race.


Photography: BAM Photographers
Represented by Kai Tietz
Production: Jana Ehrpunkt & Richard Mellon c/o Just Us Production
Casting: Just Us Production
Cast: My Friend Ned & Boss Models Cape Town
Post Production: Recom GmbH & Co. KG
MotionVFX: Frische Brise Film GmbH
Hair & Make-Up: Yuki Shoji
Styling: Sarah Hugo-Hamann, Asseblief Vintage
Gear: Glow Photo & Film Hire