Dear photographers,

Hope you’re all fine and safe.
As you surely know, It’s been a hard time here in Italy, especially in the north of the country, but fortunately things are getting better and better.
We, as Taaac!, have decided to move to our offices in Tuscany to continue our work though Milan offices are open as well.
We are 100% operative and have signed, together with the other Italian production companies, a thorough safety protocol that must be followed with care.
We are fully equipped and ready to welcome you again in our beautiful country that blooms everyday, not giving a s*** about we humans. They say wine will be great this year. Good rain and no pollution. At least this virus has done one very little good thing. Let’s try and stay ironic. We’ve been through hell but we eventually got out of it.

We are waiting for you all to join us from the very beginning of June.

In the meantime we touch elbows and wish you all the best.

Andrea and Cristian.