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advertising | cars | cgi | transport | commercial | still life

Two different backgrounds. Two different perspectives. Two talented photographers. Peter Burgstaller and Peter Andrukonis decided, after lots of experience as individual photographers, to team up and to establish Peter&Peter. Since the demands in the photography business have grown and changed over the years in various ways, they now want to face this challenge together. As a team, they perfectly complement each other. Landscape photographer Peter Burgstaller, who has already been internationally rewarded (Hasselblad Master Finalist 2008, Lürzer’s Archive Best 200 Advertising Photographer 2016), entails years of experience in the business and therefore tranquility in every single project. Peter Andrukonis on the other hand is more specialized on filming and CGI and has gathered most of his photographic skills as assistance of important and well-known professionals in the field. The interaction of well experienced and a young and creative influence creates a completely new atmosphere and interesting outcomes. It’s no longer only one perspective, one idea, one approach. Peter&Peter inspire and motivate each other and always work with the most positive attitude. An attitude which they take along to every single job and which is the basis for any good working atmosphere and which leads to perfect results.