Rasmus Kaessmann


advertising | sports | portrait | reportage | personal work | travel

I used to think the secret of a great shot is in combing natural and artificial light, in a carefully planned setting and the right timing that captures the essence of a movement. Time and experience have told me that these all matter but that it’s the people you work with that make the difference. Camera, flash, computer – those are the tools. It’s the team in front and behind the lens that creates something unique. When everyone involved is important and knows that their work matters: the client as much as the assistant, the art director as much as the hair and makeup artist. When their creativity comes together and is focused on one task, great images will follow. You just have to love this very personal and intense time on a shoot. No job is like the other. There is always a new challenge. Even after more than 12 years as a professional photographer, I am still nervous before every shoot and that makes me give more than a 100% - every time. And once the job is done you can tell by the exhausted but happy faces that everyone has given their best and they’ve truly enjoyed it. If you achieve that you know you must have created something good.

Rasmus Kaessmann started taking pictures while climbing Mount Kenya. He still loves the travelling, the intensity of being on a job 24/7. But home is where the heart is and his is firmly rooted in the Bavarian Alps where he lives in a tiny village with his wife and kids, literally under the mountain. If there is fresh powder, he is one of the first on the slopes on the other side of the valley. That’s where his son learned how to ski. Here is where he found his personal hideaway after spending many years in the great big improvisation that had been post unification Berlin. Been there, done that.