Stefan Kapfer



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fashion | beauty | advertising | catalogue

Stefan Kapfer is a fashion photographer specialised in beauty editorials and campaigns. His success in beauty and fashion photography is rooted in his background. Having started as an independent makeup artist in New York, Stefan developed a great eye for detail. His professional career as a photographer has begun in 1998 with Cavita(Escada Group) campaign featuring Kelly Fischer. Since then his lense captured many more celebrities such as R. Hunold, Nick Heidfeld and David Bowie.

Stefan is now based in Germany with his second base in Cape Town. He has worked all over the world shooting catalogues for clients like Tchibo, C&A, Ernstings Family and editorials for magazines like ELLE, Eyewear Magazine, Beau Monde, Votre Beauty and Style. His clients love him for his problem-solving ability and unique and elegant style.