Stephan Schmick


advertising | sports | people | lifestyle | editorial | commercial

Photography has always been an important part of my life. I fell in love with it as a teen, playing around with my dads analogue SLR camera and already started working as a photographer whilst going to school.

I love controlling light, regardless wether it’s about the flashlights in the studio or the available light on location.
I don’t like the “let’s fix it in postproduction”-mentality that is unfortunately common in business these days. For me the raw photo should already look like being ready for usage. If that’s ensured, the results after retouching and color-correction are even greater!

Within the last years I’ve been able to win the trust of great clients and agencies and I’m still approaching every opportunity to take images with the same passion as my very first assignment. It’s the craft of creating that always drives me.

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